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Yoda Soccer – Sensible Soccer remake

Being a fan of the European Championships, I had to find some footy (soccer game) remake. I looked, and came up with yoda-soccer. I hear you asking yoda-soccer? Yes, but don’t worry, you are not playing with a team of yoda’s. In fact after playing it for a while, I don’t really know why it is called Yoda-soccer. In any case, tells us that it is a remake of the Amiga game Sensible Soccer. I never played the original, so I can only judge from how well this game is programmed as an old school soccer game like “Kick-off” or similar games I did play. First impression; It has a lot of options to play with, and many different teams to select. Both national and regional. If you are in the EC mood like me, then check out the UEFA teams. Graphics really remind me of the good old Amiga days. So don’t expect 3D. But it’s all about playability in these types of games. (As any good game should be, but this is forgotten much to often nowadays)
I like the remake a lot. It has a professional look and feel to it. It is good looking, and fast playing. The graphics fit this type of game, and the sound is atmospheric. I recommend giving it a try. The remake however is version is (at time of writing) version 0.68. So more improvements are expected.

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