Coding and GFX by D.Murray  
Music by Archim Tober  
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Typing Away

In Space and Beyond

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Tempo Typen Tribute
is a remake of a old C64 game by Radarsoft.

The game is quite unknown, as Radarsoft was only targeted onto the dutch market, but the game is one of the better ones, and a whole different genre in intself.

Tempo Type, means, Speed Typing, but untill now I keep the name the same as a tribute to Radarsoft.

The dictionary is in english, so the game is now also accessible for english speaking people.

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Submitted on Friday 19th of February 2010 09:40:26 AM

By: asley
i am the best!

Submitted on Monday 01st of October 2007 11:49:49 PM

By: Webmaster
Launched alfa version of "GamerProfile" website. This website keeps track of the hiscores from the games you can download on this page. Also you can mingle with other gamers, and register "other" hiscores. It's all still very "alfa", but if you are curious, have a look here

Use your username/password as you use in your Gaming.

Submitted on Friday 10th of August 2007 03:32:56 AM

By: Webmaster
After a bit of silence on the boards (hollidays and such), a new contenstant has sneaked up. His name is JEROEN KITE, and he managed to get a very good score. As it stands now his place will be no#6 on the Hero highscores, just above DEAN WATSON. Let's keep an eye on this one, and see if he dare's to challenge our all time tempotypen hero, MANDY COOPER.

Submitted on Wednesday 04th of July 2007 09:09:19 AM

By: Mandy Cooper
I tried it out on my mobile and it works. I would say that it would work on most if not all mobile phones. It shows the current high scores and hero scores for Space Invaders, Asteroids and Tempo Typen so brilliant. I can check the scores all the time without having to worry about a PC. Great idea!!

Submitted on Monday 02nd of July 2007 02:16:30 PM

By: Webmaster
- Small update

Point your mobile to, to see the latest score of tempotypen. Now you can impress your friends, without having to be behind a computer ;o)

NOTE: This is a new feature, so it may or may not work. If it does not work, the I am very interested in the model of mobile telephone you have, so I can fix the problem.

Submitted on Thursday 28th of June 2007 01:44:53 AM

By: Webmaster
Hi Katerina,

Great that you have figured out how to run the game ;o) and congratulations with your highscores. Maybe I should put some more information on how to install the game on this website.

I am looking forward to seeying your next hiscore. Happy playing!

Submitted on Thursday 28th of June 2007 01:11:11 AM

By: Katerina
Hi again,

I have finally been able to start the game. Sorry, it was only my lack of knowledge of zipfiles :-)) Anyway, I am finally in the high scores! Yuppiee.....

Submitted on Thursday 21st of June 2007 07:38:42 AM

By: KatKatka
OK, once again, I cannot run any game so it must be my computer (some firewall maybe?). I can play on my home computer. Perhaps my employer does not want me to play games in my work time :-)))

Submitted on Thursday 21st of June 2007 07:30:07 AM

By: KaKatKaKatKa
I cannot open the game on my computer, it says illegal adress. Any idea what is wrong??

Submitted on Wednesday 16th of May 2007 12:31:46 AM

By: Webmaster
Just a little final touch, now when you play a game in hard, it is easy visible, as it shows tree stars in the score table.

Submitted on Tuesday 15th of May 2007 12:16:31 AM

By: Webmaster
Thanks for the remark Mandy, its always fun if someone says something nice about the games I created.

It is alot of work to create new ones, and maintain the website at the same time though, but possitive feedback makes it worth it.

One thing I will as well add soon, right now you dont see the difficulty level yet in the HS. I'll fix this as soon as I have some time.

Submitted on Tuesday 08th of May 2007 11:52:02 PM

By: Mandy Cooper
Can I just say that I'm very impressed. Keep it up!!

Submitted on Sunday 06th of May 2007 12:31:42 PM

By: Webmaster

As promised, the update finally arived.
Please redownload the game to access the new highscore system. Also please redistribute the link to this site to anyone you know, as otherwise other people will not be aware of the new download.

I will try to get around to make a "update" message in the old game, so older gamers know there is a update as well. However, I need to figure out how first.

Any comments on the new HS system appreciated. The system works as follows.

1 - All scores of the last two weeks will be
visible in the current table
2 - After two weeks, a rollover is done,
and the scores are emptied, and hiscores
are added to the All-Time Heros board
3 - Scores are password protected

Submitted on Friday 04th of May 2007 09:48:16 AM

By: Mandy Cooper
I can't wait until the new score board is up and running. It has become virtually impossible to beat my top score now but still love the game very much. I will continue to keep an eye out for updates.

Submitted on Tuesday 24th of April 2007 09:51:11 AM

By: Webmaster
After updating the scire system for Asteroidz, and Invaders, Tempo Typen will be up next. Keep your eyes open for an update.

Submitted on Tuesday 03rd of April 2007 12:27:59 PM

By: Webmaster
Expect some small blibs in the highscores andthe website the next few days, as I moved it to a new server

Submitted on Saturday 10th of March 2007 09:37:23 AM

By: Webmaster
Please download the latest version, so your level, and difficulty settings will also be visible in the Highscores..

Submitted on Friday 02nd of March 2007 03:18:21 PM

By: Webmaster
It Seems like FLAMMABLEBEN is the current undisputed champion of this game.

Mandy Cooper did give it a good run however this week, as she managed to come very close.

Let's see if anyone can beat the allmighty FLAMMABLEBEN. (ps. that sounds German, is it?)

Submitted on Tuesday 30th of January 2007 02:23:50 PM

By: Webmaster
Added easy, normal, and hard, so now you can even people with less experience in fast typing in english, can play it!

Submitted on Friday 02nd of February 2007 01:48:38 PM

By: D.lusion
yo! another great gamd D!
Too bad my highscore still is not showing online, same problem as spaceinvaders :-(
i alowed it to go online but still it did not work....

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