Software Download(s) and Games
(Oh No) More Invaders from Space , Asteroidz, Pacpower, SoftwareCat Archiver and Playlister!.

New! Playlister!
Listen to MP3s without the hassle.

Online Arcade
Play retro games directly online. Several retro flash games scooped up from the internet.

Mame Arcade Cabinet
Progress on my attempt to self-build an arcade cabinet.

More Items

Retro Games - Tools & Utilities - Coding Examples

Bitmap Font Editor

A Tool to make bitmap fonts. Handy for (retro) game programmers. Update now, more textures, and colour shift mode. (Note: Be sure to read the readme.txt file before starting)
SoftwareCat Archiver

A quick and simple way of backing up your projects. Posibilities to
back to older versions.
Password Notepad!

A quick and simple way of hiding passwords from unwanted eyes. Only you can view them. There are many other tools like this,
but this must be the one easiest to use.
Disk Inspector!

Disk full again? So you need to delete lot's of files, and don't know where to start. Let this utility help you find out where the clutter is located.

A quick and simple way of playing your MP3s. No huge gui taking over the screen,
small, easy, and yet powerfull. Playlister!
Arcade Menu!

Organise your MAME games, in a highly customized way. Also organise all your other PC or emmulated games in the same menu. Don't accept the boring windows start menu !

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Store your profile online, share your highscores for Lodgia (and other) games. (sister site)

Old school Computer Tribute Page
Site for remakes of C64 and Amiga Game Music and Games

Shop Europe / USA and World Visit the shops, buy Invaders from Space T-Shirts!
(You'll support my attempt to create more freeware)

Czech Community Website Net4People
Website in progress for people interested in Czech Republic.