Projects in robotic
So what is this page then? DIY Robotics & circuits.

Beam robot
Beam Junkbot
This project is BEAM robot based on a 555 timer, two photocells, two motors and pieces of a toy car mixed with pieces from a robo-vacuum cleaner. Everything in order to avoid "symetry" ;o) It is pretty ugly, and I am happily calling it "Junkbot", as it looks like it's made of pieces of junk. Which was in fact exactly what I was trying to do. Click HERE to get the details.

Click on the YouTube icon here to see a YouTube video of it in motion.
MCU robot
MCU Robot
A more traditional approach robot made on top of a AVR MCU (sort of like CPU). This robot is not done and my current project. It is a sensor research project mostly. Click HERE to get the details.
LCD Display Circuit
LCD Display
A circuit to allow you to display text from a MCU onto a LCD display. This particular circuit is also a "pinsaver". It is build so that you can reduce the amount of pins on your MCU that are needed to interface with it to only 3 pins. Click HERE to get the details.