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Pac Power! is a game, based on the all time classic "Pacman" mixed with a dash of "Boulder Dash" and "Attack of the mutant space camels". All though small and simple, it can be quite adictive. (Try the killer sheep level;o))
The game was created as to learn CDX.
The game is not  quite finished, it is version 0.6b, but it is playable,
and there is a level creater!!

The gameplay works like this:
Get as many points as you can by eating yellow pills. White radiactive soup bowls give you super power and you can eat the ghosts, zombies and other sheepish creatures.

When you kill as creature, there will be money, fetch it for points.

Key definitions:
 Up - Curs Up
 Left - Curs Left
 Right - Curs Right
 Down - Curs Down

The Game Features:
 Pac man, mixed with boulderdash + a construction kit!!

 16/32bit Graphical screenmodes for 640x480
 16MB Graphics Memory
 Direct X 6 or higher
 Windows 2000, 2003, or XP
 Friendly attitude to the creator of the game :)

Pacpower (F) ,2004 is "Freeware"

Disclaimer: You may do with this software whatever you want, but the author accepts no resposibility for any direct or indirect negative effects, or damage that is cause indirectly or directly by the game, and/or any of it's included files.

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