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Some time ago I run into this great idea of creating a arcade cabinet for playing Emulated Arcade games.

About 1 milli second after I found my idea was not unique at all, and so went my enthausism.

However a bit later I decided to forward with it anyway, as no-one I knew had done this.

A preview of the end result

Todo or not to do (that is the question)

Now I was getting enthousiastic about this idea, but could I actually do it?

-- Build a wooden cabinet? - Probably

-- Build a panel with controls that could control MAME? - No idea

-- Get a "old" PC? - Probably

-- Get a decent sized monitor - No idea.

-- Miscelanious things? - No idea.

So I had to find out these things first.

- On the net, I found lots of website that dealt with arcade controls, and some even sell a whole control board especially for usage with MAME. So one way of the other, this would be doable it seemed.

- On a swedish sister site from ebay (tradera), I found a very cheap 21 inch monitor. Having one of these in the office, I knew this would be a great sized monitor for playing games.

So, lets give it a try... By starting to spend $50, by buying some controls and a monitor, if things still are ok then, then I decided I'll continue...

Here are some pictures of my monitor, and some controls (connected to my laptop) I bought at Ultimarc.

What you see in the second picture is the opti-pac and a trackball from ultimarc. Also I ended up buying lots of buttons, and the ipac from them. The optipac and the ipac are controllers that connect arcade controls, joysticks, buttons, etc, to a PC.

In Progress

This site is a work in progress to keep track on the work of my Arcade Machine. (Or as my girlfriend keeps refering to it as simply "The Machine")

MAME, Amiga, C64 Cabinet,

Well, as so many others I started looking at doing a MAME cabinet. (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator). The main purpose will be to play Arcade games using the MAME emulator, however, being a commodore fan, I decided, I try to squeeze as many C64 and Amiga emulated games in as well...

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Submitted on Sunday 24th of May 2009 12:47:16 PM

By: Webmaster

Add the following link for a dedicated webpage for the frontend GUI.
As you may know, part of the project is to code the frontend GUI myself. Follow the link to see the current status. Please feel free to comment.


Submitted on Tuesday 04th of November 2008 07:30:19 AM

By: Richard
so... when will the next update be there mr D? I want to see some pictures of your arcade cabinet!

Submitted on Monday 21st of May 2007 12:58:30 PM

By: Webmaster

I received finally the artwork for my Arcade Machine. I will hopefully be able to install it this weekend. If so there will be some more pictures comming soon.


Submitted on Monday 05th of March 2007 01:41:05 AM

By: Richard
wow, this looks very professional! can't wait to see it in action! ;-)

Submitted on Tuesday 02nd of January 2007 03:38:00 PM

By: Webmaster
Thanks MR_E

I am now in the process of populating it with games. So if you have any suggestions :)


Submitted on Tuesday 02nd of January 2007 10:08:34 AM

By: MR__E
looking very nice , very nice indeed

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