Coding and GFX by D.Murray  
Music by Infamous  
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Title Screen

Alien Formation
Level 4
The Whitehouse, save the presidental sheep!

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(Oh No) More Invaders from Space
is a Retro remake of the old time classic Space Invaders [(tm) TAITO] souped up with many many features. Graphically, it takes the following principles: "As much Eye-Candy as possible"!

The gameplay is following the basics as the original, but with many twists. Some features are: Power ups, extra weapons, online hiscores, save cattle from being kidnapped, cool music, and arcade cabinet friendly;o).

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Submitted on Monday 11th of April 2011 06:08:54 AM

By: Webmaster

Just use the spacebar for shooting!
Have fun, and if you have any other questions, please feel free to comment.


Submitted on Saturday 09th of April 2011 08:51:59 AM

By: troy lee
im having trouble figuring out which buttons u use to fire, cant start the game until i find the correct buttons to play

Submitted on Saturday 28th of March 2009 05:47:30 PM

By: Webmaster
Just a short note of thanks to the games from, who have published this game on It's now possible to find on a whole bunch of websites. Let's hope there will be some new high score contenders soon.

Submitted on Tuesday 10th of March 2009 02:01:25 PM

By: Webmaster

And thank you for your positive feedback. I hope you enjoy the game, and wish you good luck trying to make a dent in the high score table. The game is a bit on the tough side, so some persistance is definitly needed. A hint is to shoot kidnapped sheep on the sheep levels, and to collect the coins that fall down. After enough coins (and that can be pretty soon), you can get a power up. Which allows you to shoot hordes of invaders in mere seconds.

Happy Gaming
-Webmaster on Lodgia

Submitted on Monday 09th of March 2009 03:29:43 PM

By: AbriiD
Okay when I got the Press Release about this I had to come have a look. I am one of those old school gamers, and a woman too OMG, who owns a games news site called I am a PC Gamer so I've posted the PR and will most likely spend the rest of this week playing this to post a review.
Great work folks! You've brought back a lot of memories for me, as I am sure others have told you too.


Submitted on Saturday 23rd of August 2008 06:13:15 AM

By: mooondoggie
My version stops at the same screen every game. Even if I have all 3 guns, doesn't matter. The gun goes to the edge of the screen and it fires but has no mobility and it just waits there until it gets hit. I could score much much higher I'm sure. I'm not real computer savvy. I did post the movie but it;s hard to see the score. That's okay. I know that I bested the best and that's what matters to me.

Submitted on Saturday 23rd of August 2008 04:46:28 AM

By: Webmaster
Hello Moondoggie,

I've been away for a week, so sorry for the late reply. But your score is normaly automatically saved on the internet. That is IF you have a internetconnection when you play the game, and IF your firwall does not stop you from doing that. Please have a look at the firewall tips below. I am very curious at your hi-score. Did you upload it at youtube? If so, you can post the score as well on my sister site Otherwise just post the link for the movie here, and I'l add your hiscores manually in the leaderboard!

Regarding your version. It is NOT the trial version. There is no trial version. If it freezes, it's either a BUG, or its something strange with your computer. In either way, giving me as much information about your computer setup, can help me solve the problem.

Happy playing!

Submitted on Friday 22nd of August 2008 03:27:20 PM

By: mooondoggie
I posted it for the world to see. Now if I only knew how to get my name on the list it'd be me you'ld be chasing and not second place Dean!

Submitted on Friday 22nd of August 2008 02:36:07 PM

By: mooondoggie
OH WAIT, I AM the KING. Who wants to challange me. Who dares? Think I'll go post this on Youtube. I am austinphotographer on that site.

Submitted on Friday 22nd of August 2008 02:33:46 PM

By: Mooondogiie
88,180 and I filmed it! I have a phone in my computer and when I turn it on everything else freezes, I was on a roll. I grabbed my Nikon, propped it up and shot a 1 minute movie just to prove my high-score on this demo version. I should be the undisputed King of the Universe. Almost. Brig it on Dean.

Submitted on Friday 22nd of August 2008 02:02:50 PM

By: mooondoggie
How can I get my name on the leaderboard? I'd be in 4th place right now. Any help is most welcomed. Thx. in advance.

Submitted on Friday 22nd of August 2008 01:33:46 PM

By: Mooondoggie
Hi. I'm still on the trial version. Someone supplied a crack but I'm not sure what that is or what to do with it. My game is still the trial version I guess but I'm upto 81,200 and then it freezes. Is there an unlimited leveled version? My game stops at the same place every game, but my scores are getting higher.

Submitted on Sunday 20th of July 2008 10:42:58 AM

By: Webmaster
The last couple of week we seen some action of "PROUD MOM" with 76040 points, who is coming very close to the ultimate nr 1 position. I hope she won't give up, and show us that gaming is not only for "kidz".

More interesting news has been hapenning very recently, for a while no one new did managed to reach the higher regions highscores. But now finally it has happened then. Someone called "CAP RONALDO" has made a brave effort to upset the balance of power. 54420 points is a very good score for any newcomer I'll say! I hope we will see more action on this part.

Submitted on Tuesday 08th of January 2008 02:25:35 PM

By: Webmaster
Hello and happy 2008 to all of you.

Seemingly nothing has happened on this site for some 3 months. But this has all to do with the new project that I am undertaking. A remake of the Amiga game "Firepower". Progress is going well, and I will soon put in place a page for it, where you can download a demo.

Submitted on Tuesday 27th of November 2007 10:43:43 AM

By: Webmaster

There seems to be some questions about installing/uninstalling this game.

To help you out, here are some facts.

1. The game has no installer.
2. The game does not need to be installed
3. To uninstall the game, you simply delete
all the files

If there will be demand, however, I will include an installer.

So now is the chance. Do you want the game to have an installer?

Feel free to answer or comment on this page!

Submitted on Wednesday 03rd of October 2007 01:49:15 PM

By: Webmaster
Helo Richard,

Of Course the DS version would be great. I'm still waiting for the R4 though to develop it on ;o)

Submitted on Monday 01st of October 2007 01:34:05 PM

By: Richard
I want a new version of this game on the DS! :-)

Submitted on Sunday 30th of September 2007 11:31:15 AM

By: Webmaster
Regarding other news. On the Crazy Cometz page, there is a new Beta downloadable. here

Also keep an eye on, as it will start running alpha this week. GamerProfile, is meant to allow people not just to store their highscores, but also to socialize between retro gamers. It's al still very much in the beginning, but it's starting to slowly shape up.

Submitted on Sunday 30th of September 2007 11:29:30 AM

By: Webmaster
Hi Dean.

I'd love to put some tournament plans into action, but please be a bit more specific as you had this in mind. As I don't have any concrete ideas for it. Maybe you mean with a predetermined time to sign up, and maybe for a week or two, people can try to beat the hiscores?

/Chaos51 aka Webmaster

Submitted on Friday 28th of September 2007 01:02:36 AM

By: Dean Watson
Net play sounds like an interesting idea for this game,are you planning some sort of tournament arena or some other sort of idea for it?Any info for it welcome.

Submitted on Tuesday 25th of September 2007 11:37:15 PM

By: Webmaster
Hi all,

No comment for a while, because of busy time.
Here is the latest on the Dual-Player mode.
The game will come out soon (I hope, feel free to nag, if it takes to long), and it has possibility to play as usuall (single player), to play against someone (battle mode), or to play with someone t5o get a truly giant highscore (cooperative mode). Also I am considering the possibility to add netplay. But I haven't decided on this.

Submitted on Thursday 20th of September 2007 07:21:14 PM

By: Dean Watson
Hey why not put the option of both the battle and co-operative modes for the two player,that way everyone will be happy,happy shooting!!

Submitted on Thursday 20th of September 2007 07:19:18 PM

By: Dean Watson
Plenty of people now trying to take my crown at the top of the charts,it's good to see.The two player option sounds a great idea,it could be very interesting indeed.

Submitted on Thursday 30th of August 2007 01:49:45 PM

By: Webmaster

It seems like Mandy has secured her second place, as right now there are no major contenders. Keiko did
come very close, and so did Chris. Someone called Amanda also has some very good scores. However,
it is not clear if this is Mandy Cooper, or another person alltogether. Feel free to comment about this. Then we have a new user, called SHANE.
Welcome to the board SHANE, and don't let yourself be discouraged by all the really hiscores. The board gets periodically cleared, and everyone gets
a chance to dominate.

On another subject. I am currently making a mod of the game, for two players. I like some ideas.
What two player mode is coolest to play. 2 player score battle or cooperative mode to get really hi scores?
Any feedback welcome. If I don't get any feedback, i'll go for now for the cooperative mode.

Submitted on Thursday 19th of July 2007 01:34:48 AM

By: Webmaster
A New score round, and new chances to be had. And it seems KEIKO and MANDY have outdone themselves.
Just as MANDY passed CHRIS to second place in the HERO scores, her place got overtaken by KEIKO, with an
very impressive 72040 points. On number one, DEAN WATSON is holding steady, and sits quite secure with his score well above the 80000.

We have gotten some newcomers as well in the toplist, SHANNON C and MARINA ZAIT. It seems like it really has become the battle of the sexes,
with DEAN holding onto #1 for the moment.... and a incredible level of female competition in the top 5,
trying to overtake his place.

Submitted on Friday 13th of July 2007 12:48:21 PM

By: Webmaster
Hello Jeff, the highscores should automatically synchronize with the server. If not, we can do some trouble shooting for you. I suspect a firewall issue. Maybe you could configure the game to be run windowed, and just run the title screen. And check your firewall logs, to see if it stopped the game. The second thing is to check if the highscores on the titlescreen are the same as the one on this website. If not, then there is a connection problem. If yes, then there is something else going on. In any case, be carefull with keeping the file hiscores.dat, as that one will be synchronized with the website, even if you manage to connect much later to the central server, then the time you played the game.

Submitted on Friday 13th of July 2007 06:43:31 AM

By: Jeff FF
My high score is 67,900 but I do not know how to post it on here. Love the game nonetheless.

Submitted on Wednesday 11th of July 2007 02:28:23 PM

By: Webmaster
MANDY COOPER (65480 pts) was slowly closing the GAP for first position, but suddenly DEAN WATSON managed to break the magical 80000 points barrier with a staggering 85980 points. KEIKO is holding her own on the Third position, as there is no real contender yet for this position. Also she broke in on number four in the all time heros List. And then we have some newcommers to the topscores, which we keep a close look on, to see if they will pose a serious threat or not to our top 3 players.

On a different note, all this bickering and fighting between us humans, we should work together to defeat the evil invaders empire, or should we not?

Well soon we will know, as a DUAL PLAYER version is soon to be released. The popularity (or unpopularity) of this game will tell us the answer to this question. Do we want to defend the earth solo, or do you want to do it together with your friend?

Submitted on Sunday 01st of July 2007 01:55:06 PM

By: Webmaster
It looks like the race to take over the first place will be taken instead by Keiko and Mandy, who have both outdone their previous hi scores. Mandy is slowly gaining on Dean, however this is not going to be a easy battle, as the mark is set very high by our first place holder, Dean Watson.

Suny seems to have handed the towel, unfortunatly, as it must be getting harder and harder to beat those last points.

Will it be a race between Mandy, Keiko and Dean, or will someone new dare to take on the ultimate battle, against those ever encoaching space invaders.

Submitted on Tuesday 12th of June 2007 12:31:55 AM

By: Webmaster
Two new contenders are climbing the socre boards. First there is KEIKO who is going strong, and it looks like will hit the 50000 mark soon, with a bit of luck, and endurance. Then we also have SUNY1, who is doing very good as well, and trailing KAIKO with just about 2000 points. Will we have a new competition on our hands?

KEIKO 45340
SUNY1 43360

Submitted on Monday 21st of May 2007 12:51:07 PM

By: Webmaster
A new scoreboard, and new chances to be had.

Dean Watson entered the new board with a amazing 70980. And so once again managed to break the board by being on top, and nearly being unbeatable. I'm starting to think NASA should hire him, in case some reall aliens are comming ;o)

And Mandy Cooper is surely gaining on Dean. She's not second yet in the heros score, but surely getting there. Her score is really improving lately. Will she manage to get ahead, will it be the battle between men and women at last. Will the earth finally be resqued from aliens (and alienettes) in the end by a woman?.... Only time will tell.

Submitted on Monday 21st of May 2007 12:50:29 PM

By: Webmaster

In progress, a two player version. Fight aliens together. Brothers in Arms and all that :) Comming to a PC near you.

Submitted on Tuesday 15th of May 2007 12:25:45 AM

By: Webmaster
Time for the twoo weekly score swap soon. Mister Magic: Dean Watson is on top.

Come on guys, someone should at least give him a run for his money (points) ;o)

Mandy cooper is second up, with a impressive 49440 points.

Submitted on Wednesday 18th of April 2007 01:19:50 PM

By: Webmaster
Welcome to my first entry of this new page.

This page has radically changed (as you might have noticed). The game is now updated, so please download once more. The game finally includes "Music". Yes, Music :o)

The music artist Infamous has helped me out with the tunes. They have turned out very well, and only for that it is recommended to download the game.

Also the highscore system has somewhat changed.

-Password, now your hiscore is yours, password
-Two week swap. Every two weeks the highscores
will be emptied. However personal topscores
will be saved in the "Hero" List. which will
never be removed.

Ok, thats it for now, please ask me any questions, or give a comment regarding the game. Or even just say "Hello".

Happy Gaming!

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