Software Download(s) and Games
(Oh No) More Invaders from Space , Asteroidz, Pacpower, SoftwareCat Archiver and Playlister!.

New! Playlister!
Listen to MP3s without the hassle.

Online Arcade
Play retro games directly online. Several retro flash games scooped up from the internet.

Mame Arcade Cabinet
Progress on my attempt to self-build an arcade cabinet.

More Items


Play and compete with other peoples highscores here on the web.

(Oh No) More Invaders From Space

This shootfest is a remake of, well, Space Invaders. Save highscores online, save sheep from being kidnapped from the whitehouse,
and listen to your favourite MP3s when playing.
Crazy Cometz

This shootfest is a remake of a Commodore 64 game called Crazy Comets. Save highscores online,
Shoot lots of planets, and shoot lots more planets, and shoot even more!!!
This game is using more modern graphics then Invaders, but is still in its final stages of development.

Retro remake of the old time classic Asteroids. Blast those rocks!!!
Tempo Typen Tribute

Tempo Typen Tribute is a higly addictive remake of a old C64 game by Radarsoft.

The game is quite unknown, but the game is one of the more original ones.

Tempo Type translated from Dutch means, Speed Typing. But don't worry, the game is 100% in english

Lunar Buggy

This is a game for the Nintendo DS. It is a remake of the game Moon-Patrol for the Atari 2600. It is a example of a so called home-brew game. Please feel free to comment or suggest improvements.


Retro remake of the old time classic Pacman mixed with Boulderdash, and
an added level contruction kit.
Online Arcade

Play retro games online. Here is a collection of (mostly external) links to retro games that you can play directly in your browser.
The games? Luna Lander , Pacman , Frogger , Arkanoid , Donkey Kong , Asteroids , Space Invaders , Blox , Snake , Clash and Slash and Space Blocks
Work in progress Games

Have a look here for more games under development. There is also room for feature requests!

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Store your profile online, share your highscores for Lodgia (and other) games. (sister site)

Old school Computer Tribute Page
Site for remakes of C64 and Amiga Game Music and Games

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Czech Community Website Net4People
Website in progress for people interested in Czech Republic.