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Crazy Cometz
is a Work-in-Progress game. It is a Retro remake of the c64 and arcade game Crazy Comets.

The gameplay will be following the basics as the original, but perhaps some additions of power ups and stuff.

New download available! Uses the new score system, added ship animation, and a update on the music score in the game. Download (10MB)

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Submitted on Wednesday 13th of February 2008 05:22:42 AM

By: Webmaster
Holy cow, 307739 points! Congratulation to Dean Demon. He broke the 300.000 point limit. Will Mandy actually get a chance to beat it? She is not to far behind. (60000 points)

Submitted on Tuesday 08th of January 2008 02:26:11 PM

By: Webmaster
Hello and happy 2008 to all of you.

Seemingly nothing has happened on this site for some 3 months. But this has all to do with the new project that I am undertaking. A remake of the Amiga game "Firepower". Progress is going well, and I will soon put in place a page for it, where you can download a demo.

Submitted on Sunday 30th of September 2007 02:00:56 PM

By: Dean Watson
Everything works great now and plays so much like the C64 original,great work indeed and the improved control system and graphics enhance the gameplay no end,i'm sure that the players of the original version "like me" of 20 years ago will be drooling over this version now,fantastic achievement.

Submitted on Sunday 30th of September 2007 11:35:41 AM

By: Webmaster
there is a new Beta downloadable. V0.95 contains once more updated graphics. Also the problem from the last release should be fixed. Please give it a spin, and let us know your comments.

Submitted on Tuesday 18th of September 2007 04:01:44 PM

By: Dean Watson
The configuration screen exits as soon as you run it,so no chance to enter the options at all,hope that gives some important info for you.

Submitted on Monday 17th of September 2007 11:28:09 PM

By: Webmaster
Hi Dean,

I'll upload a fixed version soon. Could you be a bit more detailed on what fails exactly with the configuration, as I did not encounter that problem.

Also, the next update will be a BIG update, as I am too far into coding new things, to make a small fix. But nevertheless it does look like it will be soon enough.

Submitted on Tuesday 11th of September 2007 03:16:07 PM

By: Dean Watson
The first update with improved graphics was pretty amazing and well worth the update,the new ship is spot on as well as the sound too,but the second update fails to work with the configuration failing,hope the next update works correctly,keep up the good work and hope to have a full working version soon.

Submitted on Monday 03rd of September 2007 10:50:39 AM

By: Webmaster
Update - Download the latest, for entering the new and improved highscores. V0.88 contains also a update on the music track, and as well animated main ship sprite, and slightly justified handling.

Submitted on Sunday 02nd of September 2007 02:04:55 PM

By: Webmaster
Small update, maybe the scores don't upload yet. I'm investigating this right now... Expect another update soon.

Submitted on Sunday 02nd of September 2007 01:59:07 PM

By: Webmaster
Update :- The old hiscores are not lost, they will soon appear in the heros table.

Submitted on Sunday 02nd of September 2007 01:57:35 PM

By: Webmaster
Update :- New score implemented for crazy cometz as well. New download needed though. But some small updates also exists in the download, as a update on the music track, tweaked mouse mode playing and a new main ship sprite.

Submitted on Thursday 30th of August 2007 01:42:21 PM

By: Webmaster
Hi Dean, A good idea indeed. I will try to push it true for this weekend.

Happy blasting in the meantime

Submitted on Thursday 30th of August 2007 06:39:10 AM

By: Dean Watson
How about putting the new scoring system on cometz?I think a lot of people are waiting for that to happen,happy blasting people!!

Submitted on Saturday 14th of April 2007 08:52:49 AM

By: Webmaster

The new hiscore system is now in test for the game called AsteroidZ. Please give it a spin, and comment back on how the system works. Adding it to More invaders from space will be the next step. Asteroidz can be found here

Submitted on Tuesday 03rd of April 2007 12:26:38 PM

By: Webmaster
Expect some small blibs in the highscores andthe website the next few days, as I moved it to a new server

Submitted on Thursday 29th of March 2007 01:24:52 AM

By: Webmaster
Thanks for the feedback once more. I really needed that as I was in a bit of a creative block here. The ship definitly could use some enhancement. I reduce the size a little, and I will make it an animation as well, so it wobbles when you steer around the screen.

Submitted on Tuesday 27th of March 2007 04:14:15 PM

By: Dean Watson
I have to disagree with Ish Kumar in that the graphics are very close to the original C64 game. I personally think the graphics in this version are very to the original,all i would say about it is that i think the graphic for the players ship is a little out of proportion compared to the comets,i'd like the players ship to bet a little smaller and for the ship to be little smother in appearance,what do other people think?

I loved the C64 version of crazy comets and i feel this version comes pretty close to it,keep up the good work,looking forward to the next update.

Submitted on Tuesday 27th of March 2007 03:24:13 PM

By: Webmaster
Hello Ish Kumar
and thank you for your comment.

The game is currently version 0.87, so it has a little while to go before its finnished. I'll do my best to get some very nice graphics in there. The only problem I face is that the original game did not have that much actualy different graphics in it, so to add more nicer graphics, I need to invent some, which will take me away from the original concept ;o)

But I will keep improving the original graphics before the game is actually finished.

Submitted on Tuesday 27th of March 2007 04:33:57 AM

By: Ish Kumar
nice game .... easy and user friendly good graphics , but i accept more enhanced graphics in future releases.


Submitted on Tuesday 27th of February 2007 12:02:55 PM

By: Webmaster
v0.87 bug discovered,

It is much easier to play with mouse
then joystick or keyboard.
I will try to correct this in the
next version, so they will be equally easy to play.

Submitted on Monday 26th of February 2007 08:20:46 AM

By: Webmaster
v0.87 - Added online hiscores.

Whenever you play you will be listed as a betatester, as I might change and tune some of the gameplay still. When all is done, you are able to get listed as normally.

Also the homepage feature is not yet implemented, as I am still pondering exactly where and when the user should input their homepage.

Submitted on Monday 26th of February 2007 02:49:31 AM

By: Webmaster
Hi Dean,

This game is "Work-in Progress", this is why you are having those troubles. However it is soon nearing completion.

WIP, means two things, (one), the game is not ready yet, and some problems are to be expected. Please inform me on any of those.
and (two), as long as the game is in WIP, anyone can make suggestions on the implementation of the game. If they are good suggestions, I might just implement them.


Submitted on Sunday 25th of February 2007 02:49:03 PM

By: Dean Watson
is there a problem with the configuration screen for crazy cometz as is says it is for more space invaders,there is no mention of any online hi score option,how are you able to enter scores online? I had no such problems with more space invaders,in fact i won that competition with the highest score,any help or advice much appreciated.

Submitted on Sunday 18th of February 2007 10:54:13 AM

By: Webmaster
Improved the explosions in 0.6, now the explosions are much nicer and less fuzzy... Download to have a look or look at the following picture

Submitted on Thursday 18th of January 2007 12:27:58 AM

By: Webmaster

Good news!!!
I have found someone who is willing to do the music track for me :)
This was one of the big obstacles for me doing the game, as soo much depends on a decent track playing along while shooting those planets.
I will come with more details on this when I get them.

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