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           Game by D.Murray  
Game Music by Warnie Meeder  
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AsteroidZ is a retro game, based on the all time classic "Asteroids".

The gameplay works like this:
Shoot all the asteroids, and continue to the next level when they all are destroyed.

If you shoot an asteroid, it breaks into two smaller asteroids.
  If you shoot these two asteroids they break into 4 small asteroids.
  If you shoot the small asteroids, coins will appear.

Collect coins to collect power ups, energy and extra levels.

When you collide with an asteroid, you may survive, if you have enough energy for the shield to automatically activate

When you have enough energy, you will fire more rapidly

Use Extra weapons to destroy asteroids faster

Key definitions:
 Fire - SPACE 
 Thrust - Curs Up
 Panic - Curs Up
 Turn Left - Curs Left
 Turn Right - Curs Right
 Pause - P
 Quit - Escape

The Game Features:
 16/32 bit graphics (depending on your graphics card)
 2D Particles
 Rendered Ingame Graphics

 16/32bit Graphical screenmodes for 640x480
 16MB Graphics Memory
 Direct X 8 or higher
 Friendly attitude to the creator of the game :)

AsteroidZ Online(F) ,2006 is "Freeware"

Disclaimer: You may do with this software whatever you want, but the author accepts no reponsibility for any direct or indirect negative effects, or damage that is caused indirectly or directly by the game, and it's included files.
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Submitted on Sunday 22nd of April 2007 05:35:55 PM

By: Dean Watson
Thanks for the new fixed version,it plays like a dream now,love the new scoring system as well,much improved.

Submitted on Saturday 21st of April 2007 05:30:18 AM

By: Webmaster
New version available. v2.0.1. The mystical level 6 bug has been fixed, and thogether with this levels higher then 8 are as well imrpoved.
Please give it a spin, and let me know if it works ok.

Submitted on Wednesday 18th of April 2007 01:40:40 PM

By: Webmaster
Hi Dean,

Great, ok, thats many ideas, I like the one where you have the 3 month reset. I have made a version of this, but with a twee week interval instead, just for
testing if it works ok. Also I do like to keep the "Heros" table up and running, as everyone can see their own personal record in there. The only problem is that it takes up a bit of space, both on the webpage, and in the game itself. (See Asteroidz, and Space Invaders)
Maybe I experiment with the F1-F2 keys as well. But that has to wait, as I have a bussiness trip right in front of me.

What do you think of the passwords? Maybe it doesnt make sense yet, but they should also come in handy on my next site,
where you can attach your hiscore-self with a profile. However that is still work in progress, but all the invisble groundwork has been done, so it
should work find with Asteroidz and Invaders.

A Third thing, trying to get other people in the highscores. This is a true challence. How to get so many surfers to my site, that some of them download the game, and some play it enough to keep the highscores alive. I did manage it once when I launched Space Invaders once, but any ideas on this side are also welcome.


Submitted on Tuesday 17th of April 2007 02:51:40 PM

By: Dean Watson
Yes i'd be only more than willing to give suggestions about the rolling hi scores.I personally would do away with last 10 scores and just have say have best top 10 or 20 scores of all time.Or maybe have seperate tables for all time scores and those that have been entered recently.Maybe have the option to access the score table by pressing a certain key,such as f1 or f2 for each table.Or maybe you could have an online scoring sytem table which gets reset ay after 3 months or so,what do you think?

Submitted on Tuesday 17th of April 2007 12:30:43 AM

By: Webmaster
Hi Dean,

Thanks. This is a very anoying bug, that I know about, that happens only on some computers, and unfortuanatly not mine. This is why I havent been able to fix it yet. I'll recompile a version with just level 6, and try it out at one of my friends computers, hopefully that can give me a clue what is going wrong.

But besides the game, do you have some suggestions for improving the roling highscores? I still feel they are lacking some things, but I cannot agree on how to improve best on this. If you have any comments in thios as well, I'll be gratefull.

Submitted on Monday 16th of April 2007 03:50:49 PM

By: Dean Watson
I always get an illegal memory address when level six starts,this happens everytime,upto this point in the game everything works ok,this is a big shame as it prevents me from entering my big scores

Submitted on Saturday 14th of April 2007 05:56:40 AM

By: Webmaster

A Complete makeover!!!
The game is still the same, but alot of small twirks have been fixed, and also a online score system has been added.

Submitted on Monday 15th of January 2007 12:32:44 PM

By: Dlusion
illegal memory address when i run this game and i get 'game over' (or should get it)...

Submitted on Tuesday 09th of January 2007 06:29:43 AM

By: Webmaster
Coming very soon, network HiScores!!! Compete with...., well, everybody, to get the best rockblasting hiscores!!

Submitted on Sunday 07th of January 2007 03:21:37 PM

By: Webmaster
Big Update.

Asteroidz particle problem finally fixed. If you downloaded this before, and it did not work on your machine, please try again, as this problem has been located, fixed, and tested.

Also some minor changes for a cooler background starfield.

Submitted on Sunday 17th of December 2006 10:57:26 AM

By: Webmaster
Soon to come, Asteroidz V2, using the same concept, but using a more modern graphics engine. Keep an eye in the "Work in Progress" Section.

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