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Happy Birtyday Pong!! ,
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Happy Birthday Pong!

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Submitted on Tuesday 11th of December 2012 01:58:10 PM
By: Dean Demon
Ah YES, Pong the original and classic game that started it all and the reason i got hooked into gaming, i saw this in 1976 and was my first game that i ever saw and played and the very reason that i started programming, some things you never forget so happy 40th Pong !!

Submitted on Monday 04th of April 2011 01:24:45 PM
By: Webmaster.

This may take a while, so don't hold your breath. Visual Studio 2003 did install on XP, however it's only partially functional. I am trying to install VS 2010 now.


Submitted on Sunday 27th of March 2011 03:16:16 PM
By: Dusty

I did not manage to do it in the weekend, I will give it a try next weekend. (I'm away during the week). The problem is windows visual studio 2003, does not like to be installed on my windows XP (grrrrr, Microsoft!!), so I need to fix this first.


Submitted on Wednesday 23rd of March 2011 11:00:27 AM
By: admin

I can update the game menu, code in the weekend for you, if you like. Otherwise it's written in VC++, and if you like you can have a hack at it yourself. Let me know, or even open-source it (but that may imply more work, as I dont want to open source messy code ;o).


Submitted on Sunday 20th of March 2011 08:16:18 PM
need help on the arcade menu.... thanks... i commented there..... a help is much appreciated.. thanks

Submitted on Monday 06th of July 2009 09:00:13 PM

Added a new version of Bitmap Font Creator. See the Tools & Utilities section for details, or download directly.

Submitted on Friday 22nd of May 2009 04:47:16 PM

Added the DiskInspector utility to the software section. Please check it out. It is a handy utility to get more statistics on your harddisk

You'll find it here

Submitted on Monday 18th of May 2009 01:37:09 PM
Update: Added T-Shirts in the Webshop. Note shops for Europe or US and World are not exactly the same. If you cannot find what you want in your region, contact me, and I see what I can do.

Submitted on Wednesday 13th of May 2009 02:46:19 PM
Update: As you may notice, the site is undergoing some changes. The underlying engine is changing, to fit better with the content structure. Also at the same time the site should slowly become more accessible.

Also the appearance is changing, hopefully to give a better site experience. Feel free to comment if you have questions, comments or suggestions.

Submitted on Saturday 28th of March 2009 05:22:34 PM
Update for the Bitmap Font Creater utility. Download version 1.6.0 for free at this url:

-have fun

Submitted on Monday 09th of February 2009 01:01:23 PM
Download for free the latest utility. It's a free bitmap font creator utility with demo Blitz library on how to use it in your onw Blitz programs. Download Here Happy Fontmaking ;o)

Submitted on Tuesday 06th of January 2009 06:20:45 AM
Here is a small goody for those of you who like to play with games, and tweak with themes and menus.

Now ArcadeMenu first Beta Demo is out. See what it is, or just download it here

Happy New Year

Submitted on Monday 29th of December 2008 02:44:18 AM
A merry christmas and a happy coming newyear to everyone. And of course new remakes will be due next year. However with so many WIP things going one, right now it's a bit hard to say which one will be first in the line of release.

Some things one my mind are of course the FirePower remake. Then there is Yars Revenge, a Dual player version of Invaders from Space and a second version of Asteroidz, called for now, Asteroidz 2. This one is quite done except for that it contains still some nasty bugs. Also some other things are in stock. Like a non-remake, but game with a 8 bit shooter idea. But more details follow when that idea progresses.

One more idea wich may come into fruit is a pinball remake game. I havent decided yet if it will e Pinball Fantasies or some Amiga-Era pinball game. The physics/gravity part of it is allready working.

So many things that are in the pipeline, but since time is limited, no promisses yet. But some playable demos are on the short-term-todo-list.

Submitted on Wednesday 24th of December 2008 04:24:00 PM
By: Dean Demon
Wishing everyone here a fabulous and merry christmas,looking forward to an even better year ahead and hopefully to some more remakes too.

Submitted on Saturday 07th of June 2008 05:55:54 AM
By: Dean Demon
I have to agree with Webmaster that this game is complete and doesn't need to be purchased but is good enough quality wise to demand a fee.

This game is also 100% able to run under XP so have no idea where the problems are coming from Jeff,i've run this on several different XP machines without any trouble.

Happy blasting!!

Submitted on Sunday 01st of June 2008 08:49:28 AM
Hi Jeff,

Thanks for commenting on my game. I am guessing you mean the game "Oh no more invaders from space"? In any case, all games on this site are (for now) 100% free. There are no limited versions. So your version is the complete one. I assume you've run into a bug. As there should be no limit. It would be very helpful to know what level it was when you had that many points. (by the way, those were many points, congratulations ;o)) Because then I could try to reproduce it, and fix it, and upload a new version (for free of course)

It works on Windows XP and Windows 2000. Perhaps also on Windows 95, but that is not tested. I am not sure in what you mean with "it still runs in windows 95 mode?"

In any case it's pretty nice to hear you would actually considered buying the game. Not that I plan it, but it's very positive feedback for me. For anyone who feels the same. The game is (an will stay) for free. But if you appreciate it enough, and like to sponsor my work for future games, or enhancements on current games, feel free to buy a T-shirt or Cap of the game in the gift-shop.


Submitted on Tuesday 27th of May 2008 03:00:48 PM
By: Jeff Fuller
Hello. Is there any way I could buy the full version of this game? In preferences it doesn't list this game compatible with Windows XP but it still runs in Windows 95 mode. Even with 3 guns left I've achieved 69,440 points but the screen stops at the same point each time. Any help here?

Submitted on Sunday 23rd of March 2008 08:36:18 PM
By: mojo2000
Hmmm, interesting. I swear that the other day, after I posted about my success with Debug v2, the original executable (no, not within its Zip archive!) was still giving an error. But today, after I authorized it in Comodo, the original .exe actually worked, and at full speed!

Guess I can't complain anymore. Thumbs up! Thanks again for your assistance.

Submitted on Sunday 23rd of March 2008 01:27:00 PM
Hi again. Well if the game works now, there is not much to debug, and so no use for the file. However for curiocities sake, you could contact me inside, and i give you my mail address there, and you can send me the file (I won't publish my mail here, because of SPAM).

It sounds like your problem was that you didnt unzip the game, and directly tried to run it from within the zip file. Is that correct?

Regarding the password. Just choose any. But if you use one, you need to use the same next time for the same gamer name. You can re-use this name/password as well to login to

In the meantime: Happy Gaming!!

Submitted on Saturday 22nd of March 2008 08:49:02 PM
By: mojo2000
Thanks so much again for helping me out. The first debug version launched fine and allowed me to play (after I set Comodo to allow a requested Internet connection). However, the framerate was suspiciously low. Also, when prompted to enter my name for High Score, the game appeared to ask for my Password rather than my name.

The second debug version also triggered Comodo, but I authorized it too and things proceeded fine. I played the game and was pleased to find it much smoother. Also, the High Score list asked me properly for my name.

As for the debug text file, can I only send it to you if I register at GamerInfo?

Submitted on Saturday 22nd of March 2008 08:36:33 AM
And of course I forgot the URL :)
Here it is:

Submitted on Saturday 22nd of March 2008 08:35:02 AM
I made a debug version now. It's on this URL. To execute do the following steps.

1. Locate the directory where you extracted ONMIFS (make sure its not a compressed folder, if you tried to execute directly from the zip file, then it wont work at all)
2. Extract the files from the ZIP file on the URL directly into this folder. mofs_superdebug1.exe and mofs_superdebug2.exe
3. Execute first the first executable, and after that the second one, and send me the file debugfile.txt that has been created.
4. Also let me know how the debug versions behaved. (precise same problem as the regular version, or?)

Once more, thanks a bunch!

Submitted on Saturday 22nd of March 2008 05:03:59 AM
By: mojo2000
I do have Comodo Firewall Pro (free) which usually does pop up asking for permissions for various new applications. However, my efforts to launch the More Invaders never triggered the Comodo alerts.

I also run WindowBlinds v5.x from Stardock, but I specifically disabled the More Invaders app from being skinned. Still no effect.

Thank you for going the extra length to share a debug version. Perhaps the results could help me or someone else in the future.

Submitted on Saturday 22nd of March 2008 04:56:48 AM
Thanks for the details, unfortuanatly I didn't see anything that would upset the game. Direct from the double click you say? No screen or any thing loaded. No popup for the firewal, or anything?

Ok, what I will do, is make a debug version of the game, which you can try, and it should result in a dump.txt file, which you can return. Based on that I should know what is happening and what is not.

I know it's a bit of a hassle, but it would be doing also me a big favour, to debug the games last issues. (it's been out for quite some time allready, and not many complaints, even thought the download count is quite high)

The debug version should be there soon.

Submitted on Friday 21st of March 2008 11:38:35 PM
By: mojo2000
Homebuilt computer running Windows XP SP2: ASUS M2NBP-VM/CSM motherboard, AMD Sempron 3000 Socket AM2 CPU (alternating with Athlon X2 6000 for testing purposes), Corsair PC5400 2x1 GB RAM, BFG 7900GS 256MB PCI-E vidcard (pretty sure it handles all modes you mentioned), two Seagate Barracudas PATA, one Hitachi Deskstar SATA, two 16x DVD burners...

Error occurred immediately after double-click.

Submitted on Friday 21st of March 2008 03:28:11 AM
Sorry about that. Sometimes such an error on a few computer types it seems.

I'll be happy to try and fix it, if you give me some more details. For example: What computer are you running it on, how much graphics memory. Do you have 16,24 or 32 bit graphic modes on you gfx card. When did the eror occured. When the game was loading, in the title screen, or when you started playing, on when you played for a while.

btw, if you want to give feedback, but not publicly here, then you can sign/log in to, and leave a message to me (Chaos51)



Submitted on Friday 21st of March 2008 01:12:50 AM
By: mojo2000
Oops. Sorry about that incorrect title... but I believe you know what I mean. :P

Submitted on Friday 21st of March 2008 01:11:31 AM
By: mojo2000
Just downloaded "Oh No! More Invaders" from Unfortunately I am getting an "Illegal Memory Address" error. It seems you have run into this a year ago

Submitted on Saturday 19th of January 2008 01:30:26 AM
Now online, a webpage to follow the progress of the latest remake. Firepower, is an Amiga game, which was groundbreaking in it's multiplayer network capabilities. Now it is being remaked. Firepower the remake

Submitted on Tuesday 08th of January 2008 02:24:53 PM
Hello and happy 2008 to all of you.

Seemingly nothing has happened on this site for some 3 months. But this has all to do with the new project that I am undertaking. A remake of the Amiga game "Firepower". Progress is going well, and I will soon put in place a page for it, where you can download a demo.

Submitted on Saturday 17th of November 2007 02:27:21 PM
By: JohnEboy
Hi.. love your Invaders From Space 1 game...however how do you uninstall it!!

Not saying that i am going too!!(but like to have the option..just in case)

Can't find an uninstaller anywhere!!

Submitted on Saturday 17th of November 2007 02:07:16 PM
Hi There,

Thanks for the comment on Invaders.

About uninstalling it. You don't need to uninstall it. The reason is, it does not install. So hence, it does not uninstall either. If you delete the directory, it is gone. Nothing is stored in the registry or anything. It's only the files in the zipfiles.

Maybe an installer would be a good idea though. I consider it for the next version ;o)

Happy shooting

Submitted on Saturday 17th of November 2007 02:01:12 PM
By: JohnEboy
Hi.. love your Invaders From Space 1 game...however how do you uninstall it!!

Not saying that i am going too!!(but like to have the option..just in case)

Can't find an uninstaller anywhere!!

Submitted on Monday 01st of October 2007 11:49:07 PM
Launched alfa version of "GamerProfile" website. This website keeps track of the hiscores from the games you can download on this page. Also you can mingle with other gamers, and register "other" hiscores. It's all still very "alfa", but if you are curious, have a look here

Use your username/password as you use in your Gaming.

Submitted on Thursday 02nd of August 2007 04:11:09 PM
Read the review of the new Arcade Classics games console. Find out if it's any good, and if you should buy one here

Submitted on Tuesday 26th of June 2007 02:46:06 PM
Added pictures of the Back In Time Live 2007, event online. Please click here to view.

If you wonder what this event is, a quick describtion might be, a gathering of computer (game) music enthousiasts, with concerts of people who made nice remixes of the original commodore 64 songs. To find more on this type event, please visit or

Submitted on Monday 16th of April 2007 01:10:53 PM
Asteroidz is currently the labatory rat for my new online hiscore system. Please give it a spin, and if i get enough feedback, I probably include it in all the games on this site.

Submitted on Wednesday 04th of April 2007 12:13:52 AM

Moved to a new server. I appolagize for any inconvience this may have brought. After some tidying up yesterday, almost all seems ok now. Some comments have been lost, but I am on my way to recover them as well. So it should be pretty stable again, and I noticed this morning some new hiscores, so the hiscore system is up and running as well again.

Submitted on Tuesday 03rd of April 2007 12:27:26 PM
Expect some small blibs in the highscores andthe website the next few days, as I moved it to a new server

Submitted on Sunday 25th of March 2007 04:13:47 PM
Added The Online Arcade. Play retro games directly online!! Right now the games are mostly Neave and MySpace games, but this will slowly change, as I will add my own content.

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